Old Wives Tales

Is mayonnaise as good as shampoo for cleaning hair?

By Corey Kitchener

One beauty rumour that is often seen circulating is the old wives tale that mayonnaise is as good as shampoo for washing and conditioning hair.

If these rumours are to be believed, the mayonnaise works as a budget hair mask, leaving hair nourished and glossy.

The oils, such as omega three, found in mayonnaise are supposed to act as the taking of vitamins and supplements do: the natural oils should provide a healthy shine, all without the inclusion of chemicals or manmade products.

But does the old wives tale actually work?

Well yes and no. Although after putting the tale to the test with the aid of Hellman’s mayonnaise, hair was clean and shiny, with a (dare we say it), almost Middleton-esque gloss.

But it was also smelly. The smell was honestly relatable to that of a pre-prepared shop salad.

Frankly, the creative directors of L’Oreal will hardly be quaking in their boots, although if pushed for money or out of product, you could perhaps use the mayonnaise and proceed to expertly throw your locks everywhere as Jennifer Lopez does in the company’s latest commercial. (We do warn you that the effect may be less glamorous.)

So to give your hair a thorough cleanse we recommend a hair mask, or for a better budget option, leave your conditioner in your hair overnight, wrapped in a towel and rinse in the morning.

For a more visual representation of our experience with mayonnaise check out the video above.

Here are some of our favourite hair masks, ranging from budget to high end options:

Will you be trying out this old wives tale for yourself? We’d love to read your comments below.

Does baking powder clean and whiten teeth?


By Ruth McDonnell

We all want pearly white teeth, but getting rid of stains can be difficult and often quite expensive.

When it comes to finding a teeth whitening product you are inundated with toothpastes, strips and laser treatments which promise instant white results, but often they can have very little effect and can be quite dangerous.

This is why some people turn to inexpensive home remedies, which are not only kinder on the purse, but also a lot healthier for you and often more successful.

Like everyone, I brush my teeth twice a day with everyday toothpaste, so when I discovered an old wives tale which was a teeth whitening product, safe to use and would only cost me a couple of pounds, I thought why not try it out.

Baking soda has been used for years as a natural teeth cleaner and whitener. The baking soda effectively scrapes of the yellow stains by penetrating the teeth’s enamel, allowing for a much whiter appearance.

Despite the salty taste, I found backing soda did have instant effects as my teeth did feel a lot cleaner. With frequent use I think that the baking soda would make teeth whiter, but it failed to have the instant results that many people desire. Instead baking soda can be treated as maintenance for your teeth, to keep your teeth looking their best. Use baking soda with a professional teeth whitener for whiter results and a more dazzling smile.


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